Faith and Life

Join us on Wednesday evenings for Faith and Life

Our Easter setting of Faith and Life gatherings commenced on Wednesday, April 25th.  We will continue meeting on Wednesday evenings through the end of May.  Our adult lesson material is based on Martin Marty’s book, “Lutheran Questions, Lutheran Answers.”  Our children’s lessons are from “The Lutheran Handbook.”

It’s good stuff! In our first session the kids learned about Martin Luther’s personal seal.  Then, they made their own.  The adults shared their experiences of becoming Lutherans (or maybe just wondering about them!)

Future adult lessons will focus on selected chapter from Dr. Marty’s book, such as “The Bible,” “God,” “Jesus Christ,” “Humanity,” and, “The Holy Spirit.”  The kids will talk about such topics as “The Top Ten Bible Heroes,”  “The Top Ten Bible Villains,”  “The Five Weirdest Laws in the Old Testament,” “The Seven Funniest Bible Stories,” and, “The Five Grossest Bible Stories.”

And then there’s the food!  The German chocolate cake was a great dessert our first night.

There are bound to be more.  You are not eating better anywhere else for four dollars!

Dinner is at 6:00 PM.  The lessons are at 7:00 PM.  Come to one!  Come to both!