Pastors serve with hearts filled with love and courage, to offer the hope of the sacraments and to lead the proclamation of the Gospel.

Pastor David Kreider

I was born in a crude log cabin deep in the Kentucky wilderness… No, wait!  That’s Abraham Lincoln!

I was born and raised in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.  I had lots of fun, some of which was at my home church, Holy Trinity.  After college at Shippensburg State, I became a member of the class of ’79 at Gettysburg Seminary.

Twenty seven years ago, I finished my first call at Second Church, Chambersburg, and came to Redeemer.  I’ve been here ever since!  Pray for all parties involved!

My wife Barb and I have two grown daughters.  Karli is more grown than Kaci, because she’s three years older!  She’s a doctor in the emergency room at York Memorial Hospital.  Kaci teaches high school English in Jacksonville, Florida.  She just got engaged and will be married next summer. (Be sure to check out our rehearsal picnic on Maple Ave. on the Fourth of July.  We have some great fireworks lined up!)

I love playing beach football with our youth when we go to Stone Harbor.  I’d love it all the more if I could still catch more of them, but that’s part of pushing 60!  The trick is to chase them into the water.  That’s slows them down a bit!

Another thing I love is being a part of our bell choir.  I’ve actually learned how to count to four!  It’s the upbeats in between that are so interesting.  You should try it some time, it focuses your attention.

If you see me lying on the street around HamiltonPark, please call 911.  I consider most of my runs and visits to the gym to be near death experiences.  If you see me on the golf course, take cover.  It’s kind of like playing bells.  There’s a lot I haven’t figured out yet!

Until I do, I’ll be having at it with the redeemed at Fifth and Pearl Streets.  I hope they enjoy it near as much as I do.  Let’s go get ‘em!


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