Fair Trade Products For Sale

Redeemer offers Fair Trade Products For Sale

 In 2004, members of the Social Ministry Committee realized the importance of making Fair Trade products available to Redeemer's members and folks from the community. After educating folks to the importance of this justice issue, the church council decided that only Fair Trade coffee, tea and cocoa would be served at all church functions and that members Harold and Norma Good could sponsor and finance the project.

Fair Trade organizations, Equal Exchange, Farmers Market Coffee and Divine Chocolate are the organizations that support.

We help small scale farmers in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the United States. They earn fair prices for their products, have access to affordable credit, protect the environment and gain a long term trading partner they can trust. With your support, communities can now invest in education, health care and agricultural improvements. In addition, for each pound of coffee purchased a contribution is made to the Lutheran World Relief "Small Farmer Fund" for projects supporting small farmers and their families.

The products currently offered for sale and their prices at cost are:

Coffee for percolators and drip brewers

Breakfast Blend Drip Coffee ------------ $6.40 (12 oz.)

Decaf. Drip ----------------------------------- $7.40 (12 oz.)

Proud Mama Drip -------------------------- $7.00 (14 oz.)

                         Sister Blend Drip -------------------------- $7.30 (1 lb.)

*Fellowship Blend Drip ------------------ $6.90 (1 lb.)

*Fellowship Blend Decaf. Drip --------- $8.20 (1 lb.)

*Percolator Grind

Farmer's Market Med. Roast ------------- $7.15 (12 oz.)

Farmer's Market Dark Roast ------------- $7.15 (12 oz.)



Natural Cashews ----------------------------- $6.00 (8 oz.)

Salted Cashews ------------------------------ $6.00 (8 oz.)

Tamari Roasted Almonds ----------------- $6.50 (8 oz.)

Natural Roasted Almonds ---------------- $6.50 (8 oz.)

65% Ecuador Dark Chocolate Bars ------- $2.30 (2.8 oz.)

Milk Chocolate Bars ------------------------- $2.30 (2.8 oz.)

Small Dark Chocolate Bars ---------------- $1.45 (1.5 oz.)



Chai Tea  --------------------------------------- $2.75 (20 Bags)

Irish Breakfast Tea --------------------------- $2.75 (20 Bags)

English Breakfast Tea ----------------------- $2.75 (20 Bags)

Green Tea ------------------------------------- $2.75 (20 Bags)

Earl Grey Tea ---------------------------------- $2.75 (20 Bags)

Green Mint Tea ------------------------------- $2.75 (20 Bags)

Caffeine Free Rooibos Tea ----------------- $2.75 (20 Bags)

Caffeine Free Chamomile Tea ------------- $2.75 (20 Bags)

Caffeine Free Peppermint Tea ------------ $2.75 (20 Bags)

Decaf English Breakfast Tea --------------- $2.75 (20 Bags)



All of the products are offered for purchase before and after church services on alternate Saturdays and Sundays   off week purchases can be made by seeing Mary Jean Liller or Ron Snyder. Items can also be picked up at the home of Harold and Norma Good by calling (717) 399-7697.

Thank You!