Pastoral Call Survey

The call of a new pastor is a critical event in the life of a congregation. It is a time of making a choice
about the congregation’s collective future. This moment provides an important opportunity for the
congregation to share in assessing who they are and where they see themselves going. This survey is
designed to assist in this task.
The survey not only asks questions about the congregation’s ministry and your own involvement, but
also seeks your input on pastoral leadership and your vision for the congregation’s future.
The information gathered from this survey will assist the Call Committee to complete a Ministry Site
Profile which will be posted on the ELCA website. The Ministry Site Profile is where potential pastoral
candidates learn about Redeemer and discern whether Redeemer is where God is calling them to serve.
The Council appreciates your r taking time to complete this survey and providing the information
necessary to assist the Call Committee to complete this important task facing Redeemer.


All confirmed members of Redeemer Lutheran Church are encouraged
to complete a survey.
Please complete the survey no later than Sunday, July 29, 2018.

Pastor Call Survey